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15 months and counting
since I bought my first
telescope and took my
first picture (below)....

PixInsight Re-Processing and Various Winter Imaging Results
Imaging and Processing:  Michael DeMita
Latest images and continued PixInsight re-processing of formerly Photoshop processed data:
The results are speaking for themselves.  Although limited in some respects  compared to PS4, the open-source nature of the application makes it very powerful.  
Various attempts at Mars on or around Oppostion Time
Above:  Rosette
Nebula - Narrowband
images - CFHT and
Hubble Palettes.
re-processed M33 image.
Hyperstar - IDAS-LP Filter.  
2 h 41 minutes.

Same data - Photoshop
processed version.
Ha Only
Wide-Field "Micro-Images" - Canon Lens at 75mm attached to Various CCD's:

Shown below are various regions of nebulosity in a wide-field format.  The top row consists of the Ha versions of the images, which were taken using an SXVR-H18 camera with a Baader 7nm Ha filter.  Below them I will be
adding color combinations, which were obtained by combining the Ha image as a luminance layer with stacks from an SXVR-M25C camera for RGB.  Registrar was used to register the slightly different sized chips resultant
images  and then the Ha and RGB were combined using PhotoShop.  Initial processing was done in PixInsight to obtain as much depth as possible by stretching and operating on the images in their 32 bit FIT linear format prior
to moving to PhotoShop where operation takes place in a 16 bit non-linear state.  Both CCD cameras were fitted with the same Canon EOS 24-105mm zoom set to 75 mm focal length and f4.0.  The Ha images were stacked
from 40 to 80 minutes of 10-20 minute subframes.  The RGB images consist of either 4 or 5 minute sub-frames using an IDAS-LP filter.

These photos present a unique perspective on the objects we often view and/or image and their relation to each other with respect to both size and orientation.  They are a lot of fun to take and process!
Planetary Imaging - PGR Firewire 800 Flea3 ICX 618 based video camera::
The following images were captured in early March when Mars was just past opposition and closest to the Earth (for now).  Capture was done with FireCapture, stacking with the free applications (which I
highly recommend) Castrator and AutoStakert and processing was done in PS4.  I present two Mars images from video ran on 3/5/12 from Atlanta with almost a full moon.  Each is done from the best 200
stacks of each of LRG and B filters (Astrodon Tru-Balance).   Seeing was marginal.    It is interesting to note the clouds on the morning side of Mars (left) which increase as the polar caps melt each year.  

I also imaged Venus for what it is worth.  Never really thought about the fact that it would present phases like the Moon to terrestrial viewers.  Far too bright for detail to come out - but enjoyable quick
First Venus in the
Celestron 11" with a 3x
Rosette and Cone Nebula
California Nebula
Wide-Field - Ha
Orion and Horsehead Nebula
Seagull Nebula
Wide-Field - Ha
Processed 1/2 in PixInsight and
1/2 in PS4.
JellyFish, MonkeyHead Nebulae and M35 - Wide-Field.
SXVR-H18 with Ha Filter.
SXVR-M25C with IDAS Filter.
Combined with Registar & PS4
Below:  PixInsight re-processing of various images
MonkeyHead Nebula in Sii,
Ha, Oiii - Hubble Palette.  
Also Ha only.  3/2012
NGC 2170
No Watermark
Flaming Star in
Canon 5D - Wide
field milky Way
M3 - Tak 106 - M25
M13 in ED80 - M25C
Trio in Leo - Tak 106 - H18 Camera,
LRGB+HA - 2 hours - 3/27/12
Iris Nebula - Hyperstar -
M25 Camera.  1 hour.
FSQ-106 scope.  One, .2 second