Astronomy and Astrophotography -
Equipment and Field Setup

Equipment (Setup pictures to the right):

- Celestron Edge HD 11" Schmidt-Cassegrain
- Explore Scientific 80mm Apo Triplet refractor
- Explore Scientific 127mm Apo Triplet refractor (SOLD)
- Takahashi FSQ-106EDXiii with reducer and extender

- Celestron CGEM DX (German Equatorial) mount
- Losmandy G11 with Gemini 2
- Orion Teletrack (Alt-Az) portable mount
- Vixen Polarie portable wide field mount
- AstroTrac Mount and Portable pier system

- Canon EOS 5D DSLR
- Canon EOS 6D DSLR (Modified)
- SX Lodestar (guidecamera)
- SX Lodestar color (guidecamera)
- Flea 3 FW 800 camera from Point Grey (planetary)
- SXVR-H694 Mono with Filter Wheel and Off Axis Guider
- SX-Trius 814 Mono
- ZWO ASI 174 MM Cooled - Hi speed video for planetary
- ZWO ASI 224 MC Color - Hi speed video for planetary

- SX Active Optics Unit for long focal length imaging
- Gerd Neumann Filter Drawer and custom CTU for Canon EOS to T2
- Starizona Hyperstar Lens for the 11" SCT
- Starlight instruments feathertouch and JMI driver for C11" focus
- Denkmeier S2 2" diagonal with power switch and filter switch
- Celestron f7 Reducer for C11" Edge HD SCT
- Baader 8-24 MM zoom, 21 mm hyperion, 36 mm aspheric eye pieces
- Baader visual and OSC filters UHS-C, UV-IR Cut, Moon and Skyglow
'- Baader Narrowband filters - 7-8nm - 2" mounted - Ha, Oiii, Sii
- Astrodon Tru Balance filters and 5 nm Ha, Sii and Oiii Narrowband filters
- ADM Adapters
- Vario Finder and Tangent Stronghold system from Baader
EQUIPMENT:   Hobby Barn for Astro and RC toys.  No horses, but we ride frequently at the Polo
field down the road from the house.
THE FIELD SETUP:  Greg Myers and I took our 3rd trip to my family farm in middle Georgia (3000 acres).  Took 2 mounts (never again!).  Losmandy G11,
CGEM, Dual Refractors, C11 Edge HD, more bugs than anyone should ever have to deal with, packs of coyote, armadillo, wild boar (fresh hunting license, a .270
and a Kimber 45 with a laser sight waiting for them if I should be so lucky) and this time - a bear was seen....  My cousin Jay Smith's property in Hawkinsville,
GA September, 2011 ish.  Very, very dark.
The 'interesting' part of backwoods,
dark-sky astrophotography.  Night
Large solar storm and spots during
the trip  - Flea3 - ED127 refractor -
Video stack of 200
Archive and first attempts
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Equipment and Field Setup
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I have long been interested in the this and I am now trying it.  Bought my first scope on 11/1/10.  The photography
side of it is difficult and will take years to learn.  See below for recent work and archives.
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Older images of set up at last house and in Maine.
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