MadMan's Astronomy and Astrophotography Pages - Photos of the Week
Photos of The Week - February-April, 2015
ZWO ASI120mm-s and -mc cmos camera - Planetary and Lunar imaging
C11" EdgeHD SCT and CGEM Dx Mount
Jupiter and its moons Europa and Io
3 different processings, 1000 frames each filter, 38 fps.  ZWO aws120mm-s camera.
RGB - Astrodon TruView filters - f10 - fl 2800 C11" Edge HD scope.  
Each image is a crop of the best 200 stacked frames in @ of RGB.
Processed Autostakkert, Registax and PS4
Combination in both PI and PhotoShop. Au Naturel (no star-spikes added) and with diffraction spikes
Best of Last Month....  Comet Lovejoy
Tycho Crater - Moon
Best 100 of 1000 frames.  38 fps.  ZWO
aws120mm-s camera.
f10 - fl 2800 C11" Edge HD scope.  
First attempt at time lapse - ZWO asi120-mc color camera
About 2 hours of rotation - full moon, bad seeing, blah blah... - plus a single shot of Saturn
Processed Autostakkert, PIPP, Registax and PS4
Favorite from my work over the winter season:  

Bubble Nebula done at f7, focal length 2000 mm in the Hubble Palette