MadMan's Astronomy and Astrophotography Pages - Photos of the Week
Active Optics from Starlight Xpress:
Equipment configurations for February (see below):

Rainy nights are expensive.  More equipment.  More possible configurations.  More organized field boxes (now have dedicated cases for Visual, DSO and Planetary in addition to
Tools/Hardware, Finderscopes and Camera cases).
Photos of The Week - February, 2013
Mixed camera mosaics done with simultaneous side-by-side imaging.  
More SX-AO with C11" Edge.   More rain....
Tak FSQ-106 - Canon 60Da Camera:  
First attempt at using the Canon bayonett adapter in the Tak 106.  Interestingly clean.  Used LENR and processed only flats and bias.
Simultaneous, Multi-camera imaging and Registration.  Canon 60Da, H694 and M25C Cameras with EOS lenses or Tak106 (at f/5)
Trio in Leo:  

Mised H694 Camera/EOS200mm lens/Ha filter + Canon
60Da/Tak106P.  Registar, PixInsight, PS4.  HaRed+GB
method of RGB synthesis.
Planetary work:  PGR-Flea3 video camera and C11" Edge HD were used to image Jupiter.  Used EP projection with a Baader 8-24 ClickStop Zoom
to create f/40 ratio.   Seeing was not that good, but the concept is worthy vs. use of Barlow lens.  Below Jupiter and moon Europa.
Something to do while imaging.  Finally taking a look around.....  

Note the use of the old Orion TeleTrack with just a laser on it allows me to pinpoint exact DSO location with my binoculars.  Nikon 12x40 AE's
for my astronomy apps.
Orion Sword & Belt - 3 Camera, 3 Frame Mosaic:

15 hours of a three SX camera, 3 frame mosaic. M25C in the Tak106 (f3.6) for color (6h30m), H694 with a Canon EF70-200 @ 200/f5.6
for HaRed and Luminance (6h30m) and older H18 images from the Tak106 for detailed Ha. DSS, Registar, Maxim for mosaic, PixInsight
Eskimo Nebula:  Sharpened my last
attempt.   M25C Camera.
27mb full size
file - darker
Small, darker (<2mb)
Messier 66:  3 hours of initial capture at f10/fl2800
using the SXVR-M25C camera and SX-AO unit.  
Unprocessed crop left (+spikes :)) and slight
processing (right).
Beehive Cluster (22 minutes) and partial M42 capture (52m part of mosaic):  Canon 60Da
camera in Takahashi FSQ-106 @ f5.0
Sample of Ha 3 frame mosaic
Full Size of above - 27mb