MadMan's Astronomy and Astrophotography Pages - Photos of the Week
Equipment configurations for February (see below):

Heavy setup (C11 Edge HD on CGEM DX mount with (in order on the imaging train left to right):
- Celestron .7 Reducer, - Precise Parts spacer, Active Optics Unit, Off-Axis Guider, SX-7 place filter wheel, H694 Camera
- plus a pic of my new RaceDeck garage floor tiles :)
Photos of The Week - April, 2013
More SX-AO with C11" Edge including Narrowband work at f7 using the
Celestron reducer.   More rain....
... a monthly summary of my progress with the hobbies of astrophotography and photography
Leo Trio using Tak 106
and H694
Globular Cluster M5 I
believe, C11 Edge @ f7
with SX-AO unit and
Ring Nebula, C11 Edge @
f7 with SX-AO unit and
BlackEye Galaxy, C11
Edge HD @ f7 with
SX-AO and M25C camera
M101, C11 Edge HD @ f7
with SX-AO and M25C
April's failed attempts (once more!) at getting the ISS on the Flea3 using the C11 Edge and SatTrack.  Middle one was the best run I
ever had at it - but I left the Bahtinov mask on!
Eagle Nebula and Pillars of creation in Narrowband using the C11" Edge HD, focal reducer and SX-Active
Optics unit.  Only 3.5 hours (about an hour each filter) presented in the Hubble Palette (Sii, Ha, Oiii).  H694
mono camera and Astrodon 5nm filters.  Will add more time to this.  Left is a less sharpened, softer image with
the colors that come out of an RGB process naturally. Right is a crisper image with less saturation and the stars
have had the magenta removed.