MadMan's Astronomy and Astrophotography Pages - Photos of the Week
Photos of The Week - September, 2016 - ISS attempt with ASI174MM,
terrestrial imaging including IR, Milky Way with Hutech modded Canon 6D
and 3 frame, 2 camera mosaic of Heart and Sould Nebulae
IC 1805 and IC 1848 - The Heart and Soul Nebulae

Images from a Hutech modified Canon 6D in the Takahashi FSQ106 EDxiii (4 and 5 minute exposres @ ISO 800 and ISO 1600) were fully calibrated
and then registered with a stack of simultaneously imaged Hydrogen Alpha filtered images done using a side-by-side SXVR-H694 Camera with a
mounted EOS EF200 zoom @ FL200.  For each camera, 3 Mosaic frames were captured with Sequence Generator using the mosaic tool while guiding
with PhD2.  Averaged approximately 60-80 minutes per frame of stacked images.

Mosaic integration and overall Processing was done with Pixinsight and finished in PS4.  Presented as Ha-Red/Green/Blue + an Ha-Luminance layer
with some saturation enhancement done in PS4.

Imaging Setup and Technical Assistance:  Kevin McArthur
Milky Way from St. George's Island - Canon 6D modified - 6 minute
(stack of 6x1 minute)
Infra-red - Kennebunkport, ME - Canon 6D mod.
Below: 4th of July at North Star Farm - Canon 6D mod
ISS Image:
ASI174MM, C11@prime (FL=2800), Captured with Firecapture.  Left is a single
image/frame, right is a stack of 10 frames.  Both are either overexposed or caught
when on the horizon.  I will get this damn thing right one day!
ASI174MM @ prime (FL2800), Captured with Firecapture.  Stack of 300 of
best 1500 frames.
No Frame - 10 mb
Full Size below - 36 mb - enjoyable for
Below: The Hutech modified Canon 6D performance shown using
'on the fly' low-res screen captures after initial stacking of the
Canon data.  These screen captures were from DBE-ed, non-linear
TIF files stretched but un-processed.  They represent within a
frame, only 1 to 1 h 15 m of data.  

Zooming in from left to right, the quality of the Tak optics and
sensitivity of the camera can be seen.  This is pre-color and noise
cleanup and has some initial mosaic combination/registration
flaws and corner stretching, but in general I am going to like this
combo of cameras and Canon setup for Ha-RGB.
Ha - H694 camera, EOS EF 200 zoom lens, Ha7
Baader filter.  3 frame mosaic - initial stacking
and alignment - low res
Relative Field of View vs. Moon