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M31 - Andromeda Galaxy - Hyperstar - M25C - IDAS-LP - 2 hours
RGB and Ha-RGB Imaging Gallery:
Imaging and Processing:  Michael DeMita
Thanks to my fellow science/RC/IT buff Greg Myers for all the help with data collection, my wife for putting up with me not sleeping and, of
course, the community of experts on the forums and at cloudynights for help getting into this hobby in short fashion.
Full Size - no frame-
Orion Sword & Belt - 3 Camera, 3 Frame Mosaic:

15 hours of a three SX camera, 3 frame mosaic. M25C in the Tak106 (f3.6) for color (6h30m), H694 with a Canon EF70-200 @
200/f5.6 for HaRed and Luminance (6h30m) and older H18 images from the Tak106 for detailed Ha. DSS, Registar, Maxim for
mosaic, PixInsight and Photoshop PS4. Still have much work to do on the color and the blue is oversaturated in some areas and
needs to come out more in others.
Rosette and Cone Nebula Region - Simultaneous imaging - H694 Camera
with EOS lens @ 200 fl + M25C Camera in the Tak @ fl380 - HaRGB+HaLum:
12 hours of data captured in 6 hours elapsed time.
C/2014 Q2 Lovejoy Comet
Mouse-over the below to see the groups data and poster results
Click Below for the group's research poster - reduced size
NASA / University of Maryland intern research group
chooses one of my images as the background for their Star
Award winning research and poster presentation:
IC 1805 and IC 1848 - The Heart and Soul Nebulae - 3
frame, 2 camera mosaic - simultaneously imaged.