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Night Flying Pics
Night Rigs designed by me.  Glowire, glowpaper, electronic switched spot lights for landing, etc.  FAQ: Reverse black vinyl mask for
lettering/flames done on computer is the glowing lettering tip.  Have a night rig for all my 3D machines: One for my Fury, One for the old
Shuttle and One for the T-Rex.  T-rex night rig is a 'lampshade' UV Led Blacklight effect I designed in 4/06.  Paint is FasKolor flourescents
sprayed on a single-action Paasche inside lexan.  Below is the latest - Hirobo Lepton Night Rig - Blades by Troy Blackwell.
VIDEO: Me flying Fury Extreme CSpec 91 Night Rig - Blacksheep Night Flying Contest - 2003 - (to a little Hendrix)
My machine - extended exposure tick-tock courtesy Jerry Smith from RCM Magazine.
video game or cartoon.  Second best thing I've done in the dark.  Try it sometime....