RC Aircraft Site
Section is dedicated to Hornet II and scale
applications for micro electrics.  Check out my
Night Flying Hornet Airwolf pics at the bottom!
HORNET II - The best micro flyer on the market
SPECS for the perfect machine:
- Stock Hornet 2
- Hacker 20-22s
- Phoenix 10 or Schulze 11.2 ESC
- ThunderPower 1300 mah 11.1 v
- GY-240 (NOT a 401)
- Center ball mod (only upgrade)
- HS-55's on cyclic
- HS-50 on tail
- Berg 5 or Futaba Rx
- Can get a better shaft (e.g. Walt's) and you
may want to consider changing torque tube to
3-4 bearings to prevent whip.

Now imagine that - no fancy upgrades!  You
can see vid's of this config flying in the
MadMan Productions video section

NOTE:  The pics at left have a test bed motor
and ESC installed.  Stick with what's above
for the most success!
Airwolf Hornet I - Tons of work on this one...
This page will focus on my new Hornet activities.  These include active work/testing on the new Hornet
2 as well as my Hornet I based, custom Airwolf.

- Lexan fuse from
- Hacker 20-22s
- Phoenix 10 ESC
- GY 240
- HS-50's on cyclic and gear
- HS-55's on tail
- Superbright LED's on nav, mars, spot and UV LED in cockpit
- full cockpit - all handmade
- Weight 425 grams

Still ADDICTED to Hornets after all these years and money.  It was like a zen thing - after tons of
research and experimentations - finally found out that the secret was to K.I.S.S. - Amazing huh?