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XL-90 SE (kit #1004) PAGE

Kit:                    XL 60 SE (#1004)
91 changes:        8.18 GEAR RATIO (90/11) - 32.5" boom - RON LUND O-ring DAMPENERS
Blades:               SAB 710 mm mains, NHP 105 mm tail
Engine:              OS 91 WC
Gyro:                 Futaba GY 601
Servos:              Cyclic & Collective - 4 Futaba digital S9252's, Throttle 1 Futaba S9205,
     Rudder 1 Futaba S9251 digital
Radio:                Futaba 9ZHW-WC2 - sythnthesized
Reciever:            Futaba synthesized 9 channel
Governor:           Futaba GV-1
Battery:              5 cell 2400 mAh NiCd voltage regulated to 5.1 volts (Jachio regulator)
Muffler:             Hatori SB-15
Canopy:             Dress one done by Joe at CanopyFX (checkers), Everyday done by me (stripes)
Upgrades:          Metal tail box, metal tail blades grips, tailboom supports from HHI, Century header.
Downgrades:     Currently has a Raptor 60 flybar (sorry MA)
Master paints and PPG 2-part clear