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T-Rex 600 Setups and Pics
this machine.  Check out the video in the video section.
- All metal head and tail upgrades (provided by - best service in the market!)
- Jazz 55-10-32
- FlightPower 10S 3700 mah Lipos (2-5 packs) (best packs on the market!)
- FlightPower 2S 1800 mah Lipo on receiver
- NEU 1915/1y
- Medusa 3.5/6V BEC
- GY-611 and 9256
- 3 x 9451's on cyclic
- SAB 600 mains and tail blades
- STRAIGHT 170T main gear and 17T Mikado pinion (going down to 16T)
- 62.5% and 70% flat line throttle curves = about 2250 and 2370 rpm's (using 16T, will be 80 / 90%)
- Canopy by me :)

Take note of the fact that the original hub and bearing setup for the tail is way flawed!  This uses the new
hub from Align.

This and the NEU 1915 have resulted in the strongest electric heli in the 50 sized market - and verified by 3
top sponsored pilots.  Pure power! Check out the video in the video section.