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T-Rex Setups and Pics
My second build. Here's the specs. A couple of tips (which are probably
already out there):

- Making horns of the right length for the Futaba 3103 servo - invert a Hitec HS56 horn over the top of the
3103 wheel, use small screws and backup with 5 minute epoxy.

- Running a BEC? Don't make it a permanent part of your system. Use a Y-connector and a short Futaba
extension with the red wire pulled to make it remove-able and portable.

- 9650 positioned up front can't get a straight shot with the push rod through the provided support. Add a
small nut and bolt and 1/2 of a Dubro type plastic hold down or antennae keeper thingy as shown.

- The Align upgraded steel balls come with a steel hub for the tail. I am much more comfortable with carbon
blades at 15000 or whatever rpm with something other than aluminum there and have steel in both T-rex's
with no tail failures and real carbon blades (and some hard flying if you have seen any vids).

Ultimate T-Rex SE Setup - "Crack Baby" - as flown on my videos:

NEU 1107/2y 3400 kev motor
Jazz 40 ESC
Medusa 3.5A/6V BEC
3S TP 2100 pro-lite - 11T (Trex 1) and 12T (Trex 2) pinion
Futaba 148dp pcm Rx
3 X HS65MG metal gear servos on Cyclic
GY-401 and and 9650 digital servo combo
SAB 320 carbons
Blue main and tail gears

Align Additional Upgrades:

Steel balls  and tail hub

non-Align stuff:

MH pinion for the tail output belt drive at the mainframe
Blue Aluminum skids
Fuel tubing and special stiff dampeners
Handmade servo horns because 3103's aren't long enough.

Thanks to Wes at Modefo for helping me get my parts in time for Birmingham this weekend! Hope to post
some night flying of my night rig for the 4S setup next week.

And my first one - a 4S setup with Mega 16/15/4 and 15T pinion.