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Hirobo Lepton Setups and Pics
Here is my setup:

Ultimate Lepton EX Setup - "Crack Baby Sr." - as flown on my soon to be released new videos:

Hacker A30-12XL 770 kev motor with fan
Jazz 55-10-32 ESC
Medusa 3.5A/6V BEC
5S Evo 3700 Flightpower pack (18.5V) - 24T pinion
Futaba 148dp pcm Rx
3 X Futaba 9650 digital servos (requires frame modifications - slight) on cyclic
GY-401 and and full size 9254 digital servo combo
Duralite voltage step-down for 9254

Upgrades and/or modifications:

MJP carbon fin set
Eolo 68 mm plastic tail blades
Both the 9650's and 9254 require opening the carbon frames and/or drilling new holes for
mounting.  Worth every bit of time it takes :)

Radio Setup:

75% flat line throttle curve - 3000+ RPM
+/- 12 degrees of pitch
about 8 degrees of cyclic deflection

Thanks to Wes at Modefosheli for putting this setup together with me!