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X-Cell Fury Extreme
Blades:               Mah-710 mm mains, MA carbon 105 mm tail
Engine:              YS 91
Gyro:                 Futaba GY 601
Servos:              Cyclic & Collective - 3 Futaba digital S9252's, Throttle 1 Futaba S9205,
     Rudder 1 Futaba S9251 digital
Radio:                Futaba 9ZHW-WC2 - sythnthesized
Reciever:            Futaba synthesized 9 channel R149 DP
Battery:              6 cell 2700 mAh NiMh
Muffler:             Cutis MP2
Canopy:             Joe at CanopyFX - NIGHT CANOPY by MadMan
Upgrades:          Century header

All I've done to get rid of any non-perfect CCPM related swash issues throughout the collective/cyclic
range was to add two mixes on the 9ZWC2: Specifically, added between +/-1 and +/-4 degrees of Pitch
to ELE and Pitch to AIL were added to make it climb straight and level right-side up and inverted.

Flys great. Might need some slight tweeking on a AIL/ELE mix but not noticeable. Might also add some
MA flybar weights.