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Flying and Field Pics
The Atlanta Smackdown Crew is, no DOUBT, the best all around group of heli flyers ever burdened
them better pilots.  This group kicks ass.
but you can wear shorts and pursue one of the most rewarding and challenging hobbies out there for us
frustrated engineers/aviators.  The members are a great group of friends and come from all walks.  
Anyway, below I have thrown in some pics of the club and of flying.  I plan on adding frequently to
this section.

Pics in this section include my trip to Moorpark to fly with Todd Bennett and Jason Krause at Todd's
school.  FURY man, that's the future!!  It is totally worth getting out to see Todd and to get taught by
these guys. Their stock Fury setup is the king.  Why the hell did I spend $3K on my SE?????

Krause (right) and the guy
that taught them all they
1/9/02 Moorpark, California
Who's that good looking,
soon-to-be 3D guru in the
Jason Krause
Inverted Shuttle RG
Smackdown of the South FF
= 2004!!!!!!!!!