Vario Airwolf
October, 2003

Kit:                    Vario Medium Airwolf
Blades:               Vario reflex 685's
Engine:               Rossi 11.5
Mechanics:         Vario Skyfox
Gyro:                 Futaba GY 401
Servos:              JR Servos because they came with the purchase I made of this aircraft.
   Hell if I know what they are as I wouldn't use them if it wouldn't take me
   a week to take the mechanics out.
   Rudder 1 Futaba S9253 digital
Radio:                Futaba 9ZHW-WC2 - sythnthesized
Battery:              4 cell 1500 mAh NiCd
Retracts:            2 servo, mechanical actuation, delayed via 9Z 96% to 5 second cycle.

Bought this helicopter and a Bell UH-1N USAF military trasnport with damage as part of an estate sale I
purchased.  My additions to this reasonably well built Vario kit were:

- repainting underbelly, fin repair, paint repair, cockpit equipment and details, UV lighting system in
cockpit, reconstruction of the tail pushrod system, redoing throttle and other linkages to get the
geometry correct and modifications to the retractable LG system.
Cockpit pic with and without UV lighting -
files are big and I will take better pictures